Channeling our inner mountain goat

Hi everyone! My name is Jessica and my home church is Markham Chinese Mennonite Church. I am currently a second year student at York University, majoring in Social Work. A big part of the reason why I chose to attend YELLA 2018 was because I wanted to physically and mentally challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone. This is my first over-seas trip, so I’m very excited that I get to have these new experiences to listen, observe, and learn.

Today was an exciting day, as we continued with our journey on the Jesus Trail for a second day. The group was dropped off near the area where we left off on the Jesus Trail yesterday and we began climbing toward the Horns of Hattin, a major hill. The hike on the trail today was definitely tougher than yesterday, as the hills were slightly steeper and there was less shade, so it became fairly hot quite quickly. When we reached the top of the hill, we sat on the rocky steps and had a snack and water break to replenish our energy. While we sat and ate our snacks, Derek gave us a little history lesson about the different groups of people who took occupation of the land over time. After our break and hike down the hill, our tour bus took us near the top of Mt. Arbel where we had lunch. Mt. Arbel was definitely the group’s favourite part of the trail. The view that we had while the group hiked down the hill was breath-taking. We were able to see the Sea of Galilee and all of the surrounding towns and communities near it from a distance away. We were also able to see cows in the pasture, and many caves and fortresses in the mountains. Today’s hike was a big group bonding moment because despite the heat and the difficult trail that we were hiking on, everyone was very encouraging of each other and always there to give a hand to another person, if they ever needed it. To top off our adventurous day, we went to a little shop to get ice cream, before we went back to our hostel, which everyone was exceptionally happy about!

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